Welcome to the new EasySocials.com!

Thank you to all of our loyal clients who have been in business with us for over a year now.

What's new / changed:

* We have updated our Reseller Program. Resellers now have their own section in the cart to make purchases.
* We have added Vine, ReverbNation, and DatPiff.
* We have added Youtube Mobile views, and now all Youtube View orders can be made with discounted Likes. Adding Likes to a video that you are buying Views for, will make the views look more natural. A high view count without likes or comments can get Youtube's attention. While our methods are safe for your video and account, they may take down a video anyway. This will now keep you safer.
* An improved new look!

Looking forward to another great year.

EasySocials.com Support Team

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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