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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a social media account, the more fans, likes, and / or followers you have, the more trustworthy you look. Businesses with higher counts or more likely to have first time buyers. Artists with higher counts, are more likely to get more listens / views to their music / videos. Easysocials.com can help you attain those higher counts. Have questions regarding our services and what is offered? Just click on a question to get your answers.

General questions about EasySocials

Can I get more details about your services? What do I need to know prior to buying?
YOUTUBE VIEWS AND LIKES: The views are natural (human) and we do our best to ensure they are safe. However, buying views is against Youtube's ToS and there will always be risk of video deletion. We do our best to avoid this. Adsense-enabled videos are submitted at your own risk. Your video has to be publicly visible by anyone, and restriction-less, so please make sure yours does not have any restriction (age, country, or both), or remove them prior to buying Youtube views, provided that your content is suited to everyone. If you buy Youtube likes for your video, please make sure that they are enabled and not private. Youtube likes take more time to be delivered than Youtube views because they require an action from the users directly on Youtube, whereas the video can be embedded on an external website to get views.

YOUTUBE COMMENTS / OTHER SERVICES: As with Youtube likes, these all require an action from the users directly on Youtube. So they will be longer to deliver than views. We also do not recommend having Adsense enabled when running one of these campaigns. Your video also needs to be visible to the public and there can be no restrictions on the account or the service you ordered. Comments for example, cannot be set to requiring approval.

SOUNDCLOUD PLAYS / DOWNLOADS: Plays and downloads come from inactive SoundCloud accounts. They are meant to make your account look more popular and gain you more exposure. If you require plays from real people, those can be ordered at a premium. There must be no restrictions on the video for who can access it.

PINTEREST FOLLOWERS / LIKES / REPINS: We use inactive accounts to follow, like, and repin. They are done in a method safe for your account. There must be no restrictions on the visibility of your account.

OUR OTHER SERVICES: For Vine make sure the accounts are accessible to everyone. The Vine followers and likes from real users.

Are you Affiliated With the Social Media Companies?
We have no direct or indirect affiliation or relationship with any of the social media companies we provide promotions for.
I have just placed my order. What should I expect now? What is the delivery time?
Once your payment has been approved by the payment processor, you will receive an email confirming that. Our support team will then manually process your order and put it in to our system. If they run in to any issues, they will alert you to them. If not, they will email you with the details of your campaign and your campaign will begin to be fed within 1 to 4 business days.

Delivery times for our services vary by the social network involved. The services that provide real users cannot be controlled. We will feed these campaigns until the order has been completed. Some services do have delivery times listed in the order forms. Those times are just an estimate and can vary depending on the amount of people who order the same service and / or the volume of users in our system.
I have placed an order but I did not receive any emails, is this normal?
After you place an order, you will receive an email confirming your payment has been received after the payment process you used approves the payment. When we process your order, another email will be sent with the details of your campaign. If neither of these are received after 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If you do not see the emails there, open a support ticket.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
We guarantee you will receive your full order. In the unlikely scenario you do not receive 100% of what was ordered, we will refund you the equivalent of what you did not receive. For services with an indicated time frame, these are only estimates and cannot be guaranteed.

As a side note, the social networks we provide our services for update or make changes to their systems occasionally. When this happens we will need to delay any campaigns ordered for that network. We have no control over when this happens. We will post a message in the announcements as soon as we are aware this has occurred.
May my new fans / followers unlike / unfollow my page ?
After a person follows your social media account, it is possible they could unlike or unfollow it. If they are not appealed by the topic of the page or if they cannot read the language in which it is written (we advise you to write in English), it is more likely people will unlike or unfollow. By posting relevant and engaging content on your social account (without over posting), you increase the likelihood people continue following and liking your page. They may even recommend it to friends, contributing to your social media success.
Besides increasing the counters, is there another good reason to buy Youtube views, Youtube likes, and other Youtube services?
Buying our Youtube services will not only increase the activity on your video, but also act as a spring board for your channel’s success. First, your video will be found more easily by users who sort their search results by number of views. Second, purchasing high retention views, likes, and comments for a video will make it more likely to be shown as a suggested video by Youtube. Third, more high retention views enable your video to gain popularity in Youtube search results and in the results of search engines like google. Fourth, Youtube user accounts with higher subscription rates are more likely to be suggested and new videos uploaded will appear in their feeds. All this leads to a gearing - the video will be more viewed, commented and liked, making it more and more visible. Your channel will gain more and more subscribers, making even more people want to subscribe and watch your videos. In the end, your entire list of videos will thrive from a tremendous boost. If you run a business, we let you figure out the economic benefits.
Why are my Youtube views frozen?
Youtube freezes the view counter on all new videos when they hit 301 views. This even happens to the top channels on Youtube. The counter is unfrozen after Youtube has manually checked your video for any artificial or bot generated views. During this process any views received are counted and will be shown when the counter is unfrozen. Since our service supplies human traffic only, you have nothing to worry about and will pass the review.

There is another case in which your views can be frozen, but this one occurs rarely. Youtube may perform an update which temporarily freezes the counter, although the views are counted in the stats panel of your video. You can find this out easily by clicking on the little graph icon. Here is an example.
Will my YouTube Views stay forever?
Normally they would, however YouTube may adjust their algorithm occasionally causing views drop on some videos. If you experience a drop or if Youtube delete new views you can ask us for a refill.
Can I ask for a refill?
You have 30 days to request refill. After this period, applications will not be accepted.
Please make sure the monetization is turned off during a refill. Each order can be refilled only once.

If you have a question that isn't covered in FAQ, feel free to contact us.