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Please read carefully the following terms and conditions before using the site.

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

EasySocials delivers its services under the following terms and conditions which can be updated or changed in due course without giving any prior notice or taking consent of the user. While using the services provided by EasySocials, the parties concerned that is "you" and "EasySocials" shall be subject to these policy guidelines which are applicable to the particular services at that time. All these policy guidelines are therefore included into the terms and conditions.

Description of Service

EasySocials aims to provide its users with social media traffic generation, including Pinterest followers, Youtube views and likes, SoundCloud plays and SoundClould downloads, plus many more.

Modification and Editing Practice

EasySocials retains the exclusive right to modify or withdraw the service wholly or partially for the time being or permanently with or without any prior consent or notice. You shall fully consent that EasySocials will not be liable to you or any third party for alteration, postponement or discontinuance of the service.

International Warning

As the internet has global reach, you shall consent to abide by the local guidelines regarding online conduct and acceptable content. You are expected to specifically abide by all the relevant rules and regulations of the country of your residence.


You acknowledge that you shall not recreate, replicate, duplicate, sell, trade, re-sell or manipulate any portion of the service, use of the service, or access to the service for any commercial requirements without our permission.

Proprietary Rights

You shall consent that without being expressively authorized by EasySocials to do so, you will not amend, rent out, lease, credit, trade, distribute or create plagiaristic works based on the website, in whole or in part. So you shall agree to consent that you will not revise the service in any form and nor use any cracked software in any manner or form to get unauthorized access to the service. You shall also consent that you will use the service only through the interface provided by EasySocials.


Except without exclusive permission, you are not authorized to display or use logos, trademarks or service marks from EasySocials.com. All EasySocials.com product and service names are trademarks of EasySocials.

Copyright Claims

EasySocials not only respects the intellectual property rights of others but also desires that the users also respect and don’t do any kind of infringement. If any user is found infringing the property rights, EasySocials deserves the right to disable and terminate the services of any such user under appropriate circumstances at its sole discretion.

Pricing, Currency and Exchange Rates

All costs mentioned on the EasySocials website are in U.S. Dollars (USD) and will be billed in this currency alone regardless of your location, situation or current foreign exchange rates. If you are uncertain of exchange rates, we suggest you confirm it before putting any order through our site.

Money-back Guarantee

Client support is our top concern. If your number of fans / followers / views / likes / plays / downloads / other services doen't increase as per your order, we will refund your money as per what was not delivered. After your order has been completed, no refunds will be offered. We only refill for drops within 10 days of the order, so if a drop is experienced, please let us know within 10 days. After 10 days, we won't be providing refills. If we are unable to provide a refill in the 10 day period, we will offer a protated refund. If Using another provider nulls the replacement guarantee as we won’t know who the loss came from.


Once we have set up a campaign and sent the confirmation ticket, we will not cancel the campaign. Refunds will not be provided for a cancellation request. So please make sure you have entered your order information correctly. Once a campaign is set up, we do not offer refunds under normal circumstances or client error.

Account / Page / Video Shutdown

Regarding Youtube, please note that we can't take responsibility for any blocking or shutdown resulting from the use of our Youtube views and / or likes service on an Adsense-enabled video. Consequently, submitting an Adsense-enabled video is at your own risk. Also please note, while our views and likes are from real people, purchasing views / likes is against Youtube's ToS, so there will always be a risk your video could be flagged. We do the best we can to prevent this from happening. Purchasing services for the other social media companies also violates their ToS. We do our best to keep your accounts safe, but there is always a small chance the account could be flagged. So in the event an account / video does get flagged, no refund will be offered. The only time we offer refunds is when we can not fully provide the ordered service.

Delivery Time

Some of our services have delivery times indicated in their order forms. Please note that these are all estimates and are not guaranteed to happen in the stated time.

Privacy Policy

As a policy EasySocials gives top priority to its user’s security and privacy. So you kindly advised to make sure that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities while using our web services.

What This Policy Covers

These policy guidelines cover all the services offered by EasySocials as set out in the Terms and Conditions. In any case, where more information is required to further understand our privacy policy, we ask that you do not think twice to get in touch with us.

Personal data

The information provided by you via the forms on our website and via the payment processors is subject to our privacy policy. EasySocials does not share this information in any case with any of its affiliates. Easysocials does not store any credit card data from the client after the payment.

Information You Provide

In case you want to use the service, you will be asked to provide personal information like your name and email address. This information is solely used to perform your order, providing personalized content and advertising, and are never sold or ceased to anyone.

Information Recording

In accordance with the articles N°39 and following of the French law "Informatique et Libertés" of 6 January 1978 and amended in 2004, you can obtain information and, where appropriate, correct or delete information about you, by addressing to the website editor. No data is collected by the website editor among Internet users that join the social media page of the client.

User Communication

Whenever you deliver e-mail, support tickets, and sales communications to EasySocials, we may maintain those communications in order to process your queries, react to your needs and enhance our solutions.


At EasySocials effective and stringent measure are taken to protect against unwanted access to or unwanted alteration, disclosure or deletion of data. To achieve this we constantly review our internal data collection, storage and processing methods and safety actions, as well as physical safety actions to secure against unwanted entry to systems where we store private information. As a policy we also restrict access of this sensitive information to even EasySocials employees, contractors and agents who need to know that details in order to operate develop or improve our services. These individuals are bound by secrecy obligations and are subjected to strict discipline, including termination and criminal prosecution if they fail to meet these responsibilities.


EasySocials gathers and processes private information only as per requirements for which it was gathered and according to prevailing privacy policy or any appropriate service-specific privacy notice. We keep on evaluating our data collection system, storage and handling methods to make sure that we only gather, store and process the private details needed to provide or improve our services. We take appropriate measures to ensure that the private details we process is precise, complete, and current, but also rely on our customers to upgrade or correct their private details whenever necessary.


EasySocials consistently reviews its conformity with this privacy policy. You can draw our attention by sending to us any questions or issues regarding this privacy policy or EasySocials’ handling of private information by getting in touch with us through this website. When we get any such complaint or suggestion at this address as per EasySocials’ policy we contact the sender and discuss with him or her in detail the issues concerning the user.


This privacy policy is subject to modification over time to further improve our services. We have certainly no intention to decrease any such privileges enjoyed by you under this privacy policy without your specific approval, and we anticipate most such changes will be trivial. Regardless the nature of any such change we will publish any privacy policy changes on this web page and, if the changes are considerable, we will even offer a more prominent notice (including, for certain services email notification of Privacy Policy changes). If you have any other concerns or issues regarding any aspect of this privacy policy, please do not think twice to get in touch with us through this web page.

If you have a question that isn't covered in FAQ, feel free to contact us.